Turner & Scratch Art Pottery

"Thurch" BEFORE  

"Thurch" AFTER  

Kyosai's Dancing Frogs View 1 9 1/4" Tall

Kyosai's Dancing Frogs View 2  

Kyosai's Dancing Frogs View 3  

Kyosai's Dancing Frogs View 4  

Kyosai's Dancing Frogs View 5  

"Celtic" Cat Plate 10 3/8" Dia.

"Celtic" Gripping Beasts view 1 9.5" Tall

"Celtic" Gripping Beasts view 2  

"Celtic" Gripping Beasts view 3  

"Celtic" So Many Mice..... View 1 10.5" Tall

"Celtic" So Many Mice.... view 2  

"Celtic" So Many Mice..... view 3  

"Celtic" So Many Mice..... view 4  

"Celtic" Eagle Bowl 4" High & 7.5" dia. at lip

"Celtic" Eagle Bowl View 2  

"Celtic" Cat & Mouse View1 9.75" Tall

"Celtic" Cat & Mouse view 2  

"Celtic" Cat & Mouse view 3  

"Celtic" Cat & Mouse view 4   

Skull Bottle Series "Moderation" Fourth Set approx. 8.5"to10" Tall

Skull Bottle Series "Moderation" Third Set approx.8.5" to11"Tall

Skull Bottle Series "Moderation" Second set approx. 8.5'to9.5" tall

White Tiger SOLD 8" Tall, 4 1/2 " Dia at Lip

White Tiger View 2 SOLD  

White Tiger view 3  

White Tiger view 4  

Shi-Shi Pair in a blowing wind Male / Female (yin-yang) with Peony

Kabuki Cats Series 1 Portraits of Kabuki Actors as Cats

Kabuki Cats Series 2 Portraits of Kabuki Actors as Cats

Kabuki Cats Series 3 Portraits of Kabuki Actors as Cats


Crow Tile (green ware) Commissioned work

Goat Vase Early Stages

Goat Vase In Progress